Sunday 29th October 2019 Harvest Festival

Gifts donated during the service to be sent to the S6 Food Bank

Against a back drop of Lego ‘tables’ made during Lego brick church displayed on the window sills, corn dollies created by Lydgate school pupils draped around the pulpit and flowers throughout Rev Suzanne Nockels led our harvest festival.

Psalm 67:  May the peoples praise you God; may all the peoples praise you. The  land yields its harvest; God our God blesses us.

Harvest is a time when the community would come together to bring in the crop, hopefully sufficient to see them through the winter. A time of joy and relief if the harvest was good and a time to thank God

Deuteronomy 26 in the Hebrew bible

In biblical times the first part of any harvest was offered to God as a thanksgiving. Corn dollies were made from the first corn harvested. As then we should still always consider God first before all else.

Deuteronomy not only covers the harvest of crops but goes further  considering justice; slavery and workers rights.

God has a harvest so what does God wish to harvest? The bible refers to us as first fruit – One day good people will be harvested.

Revelation 14 may be heightened language illustrating John’s vision but still considers God’s harvest.  Written to persecuted Christians, John indicates how easy it would be to give up, however Revelation encourages us to keep going to a joyful harvest of peace and love.

One day God will complete his work and the whole harvest of the kingdom will be gathered in.

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