Sunday 13th October 2019 Prison Sunday

Leader : Suzanne Nockels

Readings :  Ephesians  2  4 6    Colossians 4  10 18     Jeremiah 29  10 14

Paul wrote to his friends from prison as our readings today show       We were very interested to hear from a prison visitor who told us about the routine of  a visit  and how faith has played such a great part in the work that is done.

We also heard from a reformed man who told us about his life from being in care at the age of five   the mistakes he had made  and the treatment he received in prison   which had made him think bad of everyone  until he met his visitor and was led to faith and a different lifestyle  which he has followed without fail for many years now.   Both these people made us realize what faith can do   how God can change lives  even of those who seem beyond help   they also helped us to understand a different world.       A very inspiring service.

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