Sunday 18th August 2019

Leader:  Kinder Kalsi  – Church army

Readings :  Colossians 2  6-20  Luke 11                                                                                                           Why are we here   what are we expecting to take away with us ???                                                     Kinder told us a little about himself.    He was born in London in a Seikh family buat moved to Sheffield where he met his wife   In London he had to conform to many different rules but in Sheffield it was a different life  he had to learn many new things –  he found God and was baptized as a christian.  His work in the Church Army takes him into various parts of the community.   He asks  “Why is Christ important?”  We are on a journey through life,  we have to learn as we go along    We were shown a video of the work of the Church Army formed by Thomas  Carlile to help the underprivilaged and this work has expanded but is still carried on.     What do you do for Christ ? God loves everyone   do you?

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