Sunday 28th July 2019

Leader :  Julia Hodgson  (Hamden View Church)                                                                                                   Julia spoke of her connections to Tapon through the West Branch,  the Whit sings, and knowing various members of the congregation.                                                                                                                      Her talk was based on a set of Russian dolls    Reading : John 1   1-5  “In the beginning”   It is good to be able to set your heart on something and to achieve it.   Nice to receive surprises and gifts.     Jesus is the greatest gift anyone could have    I we accept Him we will be content, we will not have envy  and we will have concerns for others.   Our aim is to make someone happy and brighten their day.   The Russian dolls     tell us who we are                   1.    The largest one  reminds  us of our relationship with God   God the Father who created the world.    2.  The next size doll   reminds us of Christ Jesus  who is next to God and who did marvellous things in his 30 years of ministry.     3. The next one is the Holy Spirit who came down to the disciples to enable them to spread the word   and the smallest doll 4  is human beings,  formed by God  we are in Him and He is in us.


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