Sunday 21st July 2019

Leader : Dr. Walter Reggans

Readings :  Kings 17 v7       Mark 2 v 1-12

Question – on a normal day how many conversations do you have?     An average person has              about 7,500 in three years.   Jesus’s ministry lasted for 3 years  how many conversations do you think Jesus had in that period?  At times there were so many he was overwhelmed by them.

The reading in Mark is headed  “Jesus heals a paralysed man”  to give the reader an idea what the passage is about    was this heading the real reason for this passage?         Jesus was back home where everyone knew him and when word got round he was there they flocked to see him   so many that the house was full to overflowing.  Four men brought their paralysed friend to see Jesus and because there was no room inside they made a hole in the roof and lowered his stretcher type bed  down.       Jesus looked at the man and said “son your sins are forgiven”  this caused worry for some of the lookers on  “only God is allowed to forgive sins.”  but they did not know who Jesus was    He said I will prove to you that I do have authority to cast out sin     How would you know if your sins were forgiven ?    The man knew and believed   he got up and walked.     The point of this passage is Jesus’s authority to heal    and forgive sins.   This is one of the conversations Jesus had  that proved his authority that he WAS the son of God.










































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