Sunday worship – 7th July 2019

Led by Rev. Suzanne Nockels

Readings 2 Corinthians 2:14-16 & Luke 10:1-12 & 14-16

Having returned from Glastonbury Music Festival in Somerset, Suzanne explained how she had spent her time in the Iona Community ‘space’ in company with Tapton Church Secretary Darryl Lomas. The Iona Community is a dispersed Christian ecumenical community working for peace and social justice, rebuilding of community and the renewal of worship who are provided with a space at the Festival each year.

During their time there, they mingled and chatted with about 250 people from all walks of life.  This was not just about religion but touched on amongst other things; relationships, abuse and grief amongst party goers.

Having informed us of what little she had taken to the Festival, Suzanne asked if we pack light to go on our travels or prepare for all eventualities? In the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy it states all you need is a towel.  Jesus in Luke sends his disciples out with nothing. WHY?

  1. They have to rely on others for everything. In fact Jesus commands they accept hospitality and by doing so it offers an opportunity to receive.  In addition being empty handed meant they were not posing a threat to the communities they visited.  Jesus had harsh words for communities who rejected his disciples. The real sin of Sodom in Genesis is not about same-sex acts but mob rule and refusing hospitality to strangers and the needy within their midst.  When we host someone, do we expect to offer them a gift or are we open to receiving a gift from them?
  2. Jesus instructs the disciples to offer greetings to those they meet; ‘Peace to this house’ and ‘The Kingdom of God has come near’ whilst  not making any  judgements. In our pessimistic world we are called to shout out ‘joy’ and highlight the good things provided for us by God. We should share our faith and the awareness of God’s presence.  Disciples went out in pairs and we are not alone, church can provide a comfort, share burdens and comfort others.  We may be accepted or rejected as was Jesus Christ.

How do we build opportunities around these statements?





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