Sunday 23rd June 2019

Leaders : Rev.Bill and Mrs Betty Bentham  (from Scunthorpe)                                                                                   Betty’s talk :  at this time of year many students are worried about examinations and results and parents are worried s to how they will get on    so we think of them all.  She told us a true story  of a class of 92 students in Canada  who were told, muc to their dismay,  that the school had decided that in future no religion or the name of God would be mentioned.     At their graduation day there were a lot of speeches and then it was time for the head boy to speak   he started and then all 91 of the students sneezed at the same time  –  “God bless you all” he said.

Reading :Mark1  v29  Jesus had been preaching in the synagogue and was tired so he went home with Simon  – when they got there Simons Mother in law was ill  – Jesus healed her  and word soon spread round the village and any turned up at the house wanting to see Jesus  so he left the house to be on his own – but his disciples found him and told him there were a lot of people wanting to see him but he said he wanted to move on.          There are many dramatic events in the bible    all need to be interpreted.   In the old testament some dramatic events are :   Creation  and there are more than one version of this.  Abraham going to sacrifice his son Isaac but was stopped by God.    Joshua stormed Jericho.  All these and others  need interpretation    Its not what happens its how you interpret it.    The Church must be prepared for when Jesus comes again.

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