Sunday 16th June 2019 Fathers Day

Leader :  Suzanne Nockels   Psalm  68   “God is father to the fatherless and defender of the vulnerable”

COPYING  How would you copy a picture   – photocopier?  carbon paper? tracing paper ? pantagraph? take a photo of it?     Copying  people   woukd you copy someone you admire   or be an individual and stay as you are ?   If you are copying someone it has to be worthwhile.    The Disciples lived with Jesus   he was their role model     Perhaps there is someone you know who has copied Jesus   Are you worth copying?

Readings :   Proverbs 8 1-11 22-35    Romans 5 1-5        What is wise ?   what do we associate with   wisdom ?  Families have sayings shar are passed down through generations  and there are many sayings regarding wisdom in the bible      If we have a deep and profound awe of God it will put everything in perspective.

All  the men were given a Fathers Day bag


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