Bible study – Wednesday 29th May

Led by Keith Bradley

Theme ‘Emotions’

Reading: John 9

Following John 8 where the Pharisees and Jewish people continually question Jesus in Chapter 9 he again faces questions, this time initially from his own disciples.  Why is the man blind? Is it he or his parents who have sinned?  Given those two options Jesus gives them an alternative.

We considered the frustrations of being continually asked the same or similar questions, in the case of Jesus usually to trap him but Jesus is only too aware and is able to turn the questions around.  Had Jesus deliberately healed the man on the Sabbath to show it is ok to care for people on the Sabbath?

The blind man healed by Jesus also faced a barrage of questions from people who knew him, certainly from the Jewish authorities but he also asked questions of Jesus.

Here we read of a blind beggar, in a fairly lowly place, probably elated that he could see, frustrated that no one believed he was that beggar, even more frustrated at the questioning and then to cap it all he is excluded from the synagogue and therefore the community.  Elation through frustration to despair.

He had no idea why Jesus picked him out to be healed, in fact never saw Jesus as Jesus sent him to the pool of Siloam to wash and that’s where he could see but by this time Jesus had gone. But when he was cast out Jesus came and found him and we read of the blind man’s faith.

When we are suffering don’t ask God ‘Why me’ ask him for the strength to face whatever trial you are facing and an understanding of what is happening.



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