Sunday 10th March 2019

Leader : Darryl Lomas    Readings   Mark 5  1-11    11 – 20   “Jesus Heals the man with evil spirits”  Do we like “different”?   We have different things st Tapton  Lego church, afternoon tea church, Greek church, new front doors, and we think they are all good  – different doesnt bother us.           In the first section of the reading  Jesus and his disciples put their boat ashore where there is  a cemetery  – a mad man lives there and also many pigs  –  not a pleasant place – certainly different for Jesus and his disciples.  The man was so strong he had broken all shackles put on him and ran round naked  but when he saw Jesus he ran to him and asked him to rid him of his devils  –  Jesus heard his plea and cast the devils into a herd of 2,000 pigs who then ran off the cliff into the sea and perished.  A very different day for the sick man, and the man who looked after the pigs.           When the pigs ran off the cliff the swineherd and those around were amazed and soon news spread to the nearby villages and people came to see for themselves  –  a different day for them  –  when they saw the wild man was calm and sitting there dressed and talking and heard about the pigs  they did not rush back to tell friends of the miracle,   they were afraid  and asked Jesus to leave.    We are all like that man,  we all have devils inside us and we need to call on Jesus for his help. Not to ask him to leave He will help us and tell us what to do.     He wants us sto tell ell others what he can do

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