Sunday 24th February 2019

Leader  -:    Keith Nockels       Spoke about Martin Luther King and his  aims  He was interested in non violence  nationally and internationally  and wanted to rid his country of segregation.  To turn the other cheek.       Keith then went on to talk abut Joseph and his 12 brothers  –  he was his fathers favourite son and he used to wind his brothers up by telling them of his dreams  how he was going to be greater than them    so eventually they decided to be rid of him and sold him to passing slavers  who sold him to Potiphar  – we know the rest of the story how Joseph rose to fame in Egypt and his brothers had to buy food from him    He forgave them and turned the other cheek.      What would happen if we were to live the way Jesus taught ?   What difference would it make ?      Perhaps the challenge is to find out.                              Reading : Luke 6 v 27 –

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