Sunday 17th February 2019

Leader : Rev. Suzanne Nockels      Sheffield the City we love    Suzanne started by talking about root shock    – some plants do not like being transplanted and die,  others are happy to be moved if their roots are  carefully nurtured  and others will live anywhere  –  so it is with us  –   who live in Sheffield   Discussion followed as to this place and what it means to us                                                                                            Read   Song of Songs   2-9     4-2 and  5-51                                           There are lots of different words in the new testament for the word Love   i.e  Romantic, family. friendships, appreciation,     regard.   All echo God’s love     Suzanne then went on to talk about the American plane which  crashed in Endcliffe Woods 75 years ago.   The pilot wanted to land on the playing field  but there were children playing there so to save their lives at the risk of losing his and his men on the plane  he tried to land elsewhere but didnt manage it and ten men died.     His love for children overruled everything else at the time.                                                                                                                   A new commandment   I give unto you                                                                                       that you love one anther as I have loved you                                                                             By this shall all men know that you are my disciples                                                                if you have love one for another.

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