Sunday 27th January 2019

Leader:  Rev Suzanne Nockels  who kindly stepped in at short notice as Mike Warren was ill.

We were asked who is the head of :  the local school, the doctors surgery, the City Council, the police, the Government etc and finally Tapton ???  some answers came easily, others were not known and for the church different suggestions were put forward.

Reading :  1 Corinthians 12   12-31   One body different parts, all equal.  All have a place with different talents.  Christ  is the head.    In Congregationalism we believe that Christ is our head  but all the members are equal and at a church meeting can have their say     there are Deacons appointed by the members to look after church matters and people in the church, and it is the time of year when we appoint Deacons  three of whom are due to retire and can be re-elected or anyone else can be nominated (if they are willing to stand).      Whether anyone has a talent or not there is a place somewhere  and with God’s guidance they will be part of the church.

The service ended the week of  Christian Unity with the reading of prayers from  all the churches in the Hallam Council of Churches    Nethergreen, Ranmoor,  St Lukes, St.Francis, St.Columba, Stephen Hill and Tapton.

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