Bible Study – Wednesday 23rd January 2019

Led by Mr Darryl Lomas

Reading:  Mark 5:1-20   –    Jesus sends demons from a hermit into a herd of pigs.

Another worthwhile Wednesday evening,  spent considering  if people can be possessed by demons or used by evil spirits.

In a mainly Gentile area, a hermit possessed by demons recognises Jesus as the Son of God and kneels before him before the demons possessing the man, recognising the power of Jesus, beg not to be sent out of the area. Mark regularly recognises the struggle between Jesus and Satan and here contrasts the demons wanting to control the hermit with Jesus freeing people from sin and Satan.

Jesus displayed his power and granted the evil spirits wish to be sent into the pigs who then ran off the cliff into the sea and drowned.

Those tending the pigs ran off but the locals on hearing what had happened wanted to see for themselves. They found Jesus sitting with the possessed man but now in his right mind.  After performing such a miracle, saving the man’s life why did they want Jesus to leave?

They were obviously afraid of what had happened but also possibly worried that more livestock would be lost. They would rather give up Jesus than their income and security.

Jesus told the man to go and tell his friend and family about the miracle but on many occasions Jesus tells the healed not to tell anyone, so why not now? Was it that by telling people what had happened, it proved he was healed and by sending the man back into the community Jesus was expanding his ministry in the region.

Are we like the man sharing the good news with those around us?



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