Sunday 20th January 2019

Today our leader was Rev, Chris Stebbing from St.Lukes Lodge Moor

Hallam Churches Together pulpit swap day

Readings :  Isaiah 62    John 2  The wedding at Cana

He started by telling us of a wedding he had been asked to conduct between a Jew (The bride) and a catholic.   At first he had wondered if he could do the wedding and then he thought Jesus was a guest at the wedding in Cana and it would have been a Jewish wedding and so the wedding went ahead with the bride’s father  a Rabbi – sharing the service with Rev. Stebbing,       at St.Lukes.

At Cana  Mary must have had some responsibility for the wine   we can assume that by this time Joseph had died and so there on her own with Jesus.  When she notices the wine is running short she asks her son for help   telling the servants to do as he asks   as a result the water in 6 huge jars is turned into wine.   We see from this that Jesus :  Has power over materialistic things  – He has compassion  – He responds to requests  (via prayer)  – He provides more than enough  –  He provides the best.                            His disciples believed in Him  –  do we ?

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