Afternoon Tea Service – Sunday 6th January 2019

Led by Rev Suzanne Nockels

Reading Philippians 2

We were posed with two questions Рfrom a list of some recipients of New Year Honours, who did we feel were deserving and who else would we wish to see added to the list?  We then shared memories of awards we had received.

Jesus Christ served us and we honour Jesus for what he did. He became a servant and humbled himself even unto death. God exalted him to the highest plain.

Suzanne played out a sketch as a servant to the wise men – a bag person.

Why were the wise men following a star to find a new king/leader? They travelled miles to different lands and people, who no doubt thought the Wise men also looked different.

Would Herod have received an honour these days?

Finally a the end of our journey, what a surprise when we arrived at the stable, not a palace. The Wise men trusted the star and when they arrived they knelt before the baby Jesus and presented their gifts.

We all have gifts, what would we offer in our service to God?



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