Sunday 14th October 2018

Leaders : Rev.Bill & Mrs Betty Bentham

Betty told us one of her memorable stories   this time about a young man who went for an interview at a telegram office  –  there were several applicants all sitting round waiting to be called  – suddenly  onegot up and went into the interview room –  he came out with the manager who shook his hand and said he had got the job  –  the others were amazed   they hadnt’ even been called in,  and asked why –  they were told  the morse tapping they had all heard had called them in one by one     but only one person had listened enough to recognize what it was  –   do we listen to be called   or are we too busy with other things  ??

Readings : – Genesis 17   Luke 19   Zacheus                                   This is a story we all know, full of action,  but do we get caught up with the story and miss the message? The previous chapter had told about the rich man who was told to give away his wealth – this continues from there – Jericho was a a rich trading place – the Romans knew this and appointed tax collectors to get as much money as they could out of the citizens – Zacheus was one.   He heard that Jesus was coming so he hid in a tree – but Jesus knew he was there and told him to come down and provide a meal.   During this perhaps Jesus told Zacheus of his moral responsibility – we are not told – but it is clear that this man who had been rejected by all is neighbours was sort out by Jesus and  redeemed.    This is a story to know and tell that God intervenes in this world  – Jesus was sent to save those who are lost

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