Sunday 7th October 2018

Leader : Suzanne Nockels       week 4 of Ruth

A straight line  – is life like a straight line or does it have ups and downs ?  Boaz thought that someone closer in line to Naomi’s husband should have the option to buy the plot of land which Naomi was selling  and which had belonged to her husband  and as was the custom in those days  whoever owned this land  owned Ruth too. The man who said he would buy the land  did not realize this and when he found out he withdrew his offer  so Boaz bought the land  v13 so Boaz   took Ruth to be his wife and she bore him a son. A grandson for Naomi.   So both women’s lives were certainly not a straight line   – first the famine in Bethlehem, then the move to Moab,  the deaths of the men in the family, the journey back to Bethlehem,  the hardship of living as two women without a man,  then the sale of the land and Boaz and Ruth’s marriage –  is your life a straight line  or do you have ups and downs?


The service ended with Holy Communion.

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