Sunday 30th September 2018

Leader: Suzanne Nockels        Week 3 of “Ruth”

Reading:  Ruth 3  1-15

Naomi says to Ruth “I must find a home for you”

Home – what is a home ?   It is a familiar place, a private place, a warm place, a relaxing place.   It can be any four walls and roof if Jesus comes and makes His home with us.    Ruth’s life had been very grey and depressing for years  but she was young and had hopes for a greener future.  Her life was a “bare patch”  where is your bare patch?     Nature reclaims derelict buildings and bare patches with greenery.  There is hope for anyone going through a grey patch.

Ruth had been working in the field gleaning  but now the harvest was over and a night of celebration was planned  -Naomi told Ruth to put on her best gown and perfume and go to the party,  find out Boaz and sleep at his feet.   This she did without question.    When Boaz awoke he asked who she was  – Ruth told him he was her kinsman and  redeemer   he listened to her and promised to help.

Who do you think you are most like in this story ??      Are you Naomi  – a wise person who sees what is needed and nudges folk along.  Or Ruth, who does what she is asked to do but is a strong character who speaks up when necessary. Or Boaz  someone who does not know their worth, their abilities ??

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