Sunday 23rd September 2018

Leader : Ray Briddon

The theme for today was “Messiah”

Reading :  Psalm 19   Mark 8 21-

We were treated to a guitar solo from Ray “Let your love be my guide”

In Mark 8  v22   Jesus asks the disciples “Who do people say that I am ?  and “Who do you say I am ?”    they replied the people were divided  some say John the Baptist, some Elijah and others  one of the prophets.      Peter had no hesitation in saying “You are the Messiah”  The Son of God.

The Messiah was known as “The Anointed one”  Kings were anointed (and still are) with Holy Oil      Priests sere anointed with Oil   The Messiah is also a priest  Prophet were anointed with oil  The Messiah is a prophet.

Again Ray sang to us    “The Anointed one”

Do we agree that Jesus is The Messiah – does he tick all the boxes ??      Yes,  of course – He fits every mention of The Messiah in the  Bible

If we believe he is The Messiah then we need to :  be saved,  be forgiven,  have salvation, surrender to His will.   Can we do this ???


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