Sunday 16th September 2018


Whats in the bag ??   We were shown a bag containing various items of food and asked what dish we could prepare from them.  Food banks provide people with bag of items of food  out of which they have to feed their family for a week.  We brought bags of items  for Ben’s Place where they provide a meal for the homeless.   Today is our Harvest Festival and we give thanks for all we have received and for those people who are helping others in need.

Continuing with the theme of Ruth .. Naomi  and her husband and two sons left Bethlehem when there was a famine and moved to Moab  where the two boys married Moabite women.   Unfortunatley after 10 years the men in the family died and Naomi decided to return to Bethlehem  –  her two daughters in law said they would go with her but Orpah changed her mind   only Ruth remained.   They arrived back in time for the harvesting and Ruth went to  glean in the fields.  It turned out the fields were the property of Boaz and he fell in love with Ruth and they married.

Nationalization or privatization ??      in Leviticus 19 it says “don’t reap to the edge of the field and dont pick up grapes that have fallen – leave them for the needy”  today our window ledges were =decorated to illustrate various Sheffield well known products  Hendersons, Steel, Bassets, Our Cow Molly and the Sheffield Honey Co.  Some private some national  but all providing good products  and we brought items for Ben’s place.  We gave thanks for all good gifts around us  for the harvest of different things.



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