Sunday worship 2nd September 2018

Led by Rev Suzanne Nockels

Readings Psalm 102  & Ruth 1:2-21

Suzanne covered the life of Ruth & Naomi as vulnerable economic migrants.

In particular the mood of Naomi (meaning ‘sweet’) but she wanted to be called Mara (meaning ‘bitterness’).  Did God cause the change?

Suzanne asked what we would feel if we experienced just a little of what they had gone through?  God is great and you can make God what he is to you. Engage with an expansive God or just allow God to walk alongside us.

Women crossing borders today are still vulnerable. Refugees see Ruth ‘selling out’ and side with the figure of Naomi.

Walking together allows us to love them but how far will that love take us together, how determined are we? We are not Jesus who came alongside so many people, but are we good Ruths? Walking with others can be difficult.

The only person who can walk all the way is Jesus.

Learn more as Suzanne considers the book of Ruth over the coming weeks.


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