Sunday 15th July 2018

Leader : Mrs Patricia Moseley

This talk was about tables  –  Pat started by telling us about the interest shown by the school children on their visit to Tapton about the communion table.    They wanted to know why a table could be so special  in a church  –  some of them were  aware of altars,  others knew of other items in a church or place of worship that were special   but not a table  – such an ordinary item of furniture.    So  why is our communion table so special ???   Years ago children at Tapton were not allowed to make a noise,  run or even go into the actual church unless supervised  – and certainly were not allowed to touch anything on the communion table.   This was the table were the communion was served,with symbols of His blood and body (wine and bread) when the words of Jesus were repeated and his life and death were remembered.   It was for the feeding of the soul.     Pat then remembered the table in her home when she was growing up  –  also the centre piece of the home  –  where her Mother fed the family – their bodies.    Both tables are important to everyday living.    But today  things are different  –  children are allowed to make noise and run around anywhere in the church   and it seems strange for them that a table is anything special   even some adults find it strange.        we were told the story of an old, very poor man who was passing a church and heard singing so he went in and sat at the back     after the service no one spoke to him   but then the vicar came and said to him  “next time you want to come in here will you please clean yourself up and not wear rags”   He went home very distressed and spoke to God and asked him what he should do.  God answered by saying he could not advise him because he has not been in that particular church   He had not been invited.       The man in the reading Luke 14  v 15-24 had invited friends to a great feast     but many of them made excuses as to why they could not attend  =  this happens so often today too –  but he then sent his men out to invite the poor, lame blind to his table.                                                                Some of us  at Tapton may have some “old fashioned” ideas   (e.g.the table) which   are difficult to understand in todays world      but we have all certainly invited God into our fellowship and also welcome anyone who wishes to join us at any time.         If we come to Him and take Him into our hearts he will stay with us.

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