Wednesday 30th May 2018

Bible study was led by Mary Coates

God is Love    Corinthians 1  13  v1 –    Faith, Hope and Love  the greatest of these is Love.     Love  Protects, perseveres, is patient,  kind and never fails.

There are many different forms of love  :                                                      Man/woman  – caring, sharing, protecting and also the physical side.       Parents/children  –  caring sharing, protecting, teaching.   The caring bond seems to change from one side to the other as the children get older.            Our parents  – do we love one more than the other ?  why?                                But best of all is the Love of God   which covers all these things and more.   In our darkest hours we tend to forget God and try to resolve things on our own –  that is the time we should go to Him   He is there always.

There is Faith and Hope  and Love       but the greatest is Love.

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