Sunday Worship – 13th May 2018

Led by Susannah Youdan from Mayfield Wesleyan Reformed Church

Reading: Luke 24  The risen Christ.


Susannah used candles to illustrate the part light plays in our religious beliefs referring to:

In the beginning God said let there be light and there was light and with light began creation and in the Christian calendar on Christmas morning we sing the light has come into the world. For 33 years whilst Jesus Christ was on earth the light was good.

In Exodus they followed a cloud and then the light from a fire. The Wise Men followed the light of one star amongst millions, whilst ‘Wreckers’ used one candle in a jar to misdirect shipping into thinking they were heading to the safety of a harbour

In the transfiguration Peter saw Jesus in a radiant light but when Jesus was nailed to a tree, the light was snuffed out, the Temple curtain was torn from the top down the middle and there was an eclipse of the sun.

This final darkness led to the disciples being very afraid and hiding in a locked room with the windows closed YET still Jesus appears amongst them and insists the touch and feel his wounds. Jesus is risen on the third day as prophesied proving he has conquered death – God of the living.  Finally Jesus ascends into heaven where he lives forever interceding on our behalf.

Susannah challenges us next week to Stop, Watch and Pray.  Wait as God patiently waits for us. Answer him by saying “God, here am I”.


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