Sunday service 6th May 2018

Led By Rev Suzanne Nockels

Reading 2 Corinthians 8: 1-15

Suzanne introduced the theme of her service with a game of pass the parcel, each layer containing a reading or a question.

What have we received from another? – e.g. happiness, mobile phone, watch, wisdom

What have we inherited from past generations at church? – e.g. Family, the building, kindness, trowel (used to lay the foundation stone)

What item at home do you wish to pass on?

What will we pass onto future generations at Tapton?  – e.g. strong church, faith, friendship, improved building

Bible readings:  Luke 12 :13-21    Mark 10:17-22    Matt 5:5    – All include inheritence

Wealth can be a dangerous place – if you are rich  you will be thinking of money, if you are poor you are thinking of money.   To the rich man, Jesus said give away your possessions and he went away grieved.  Suzanne suggested we can grieve over things as well as people.  Scripture tells that the meek will inherit the earth, what do we want to pass on and when?

Do we give it the next generation now when we can see the joy of seeing them with it, will they like what we my consider precious?  Will they like the son in the Prodigal son ‘blow the lot’.

Previously Suzanne spoke on the uprising of discipleship, this time using the example of the first Christians the uprising theme continued on stewardship.

The Roman world was governed by the amount of wealth you had so why would you wish to give it away and lose your position in society? Old prejudices between the Greeks and the Jews led to wealth being hidden.

How do we live?  Do our shopping receipts indicate a Christian life. In world terms we are all rich but in Jesus eyes money takes up too much of our soul space.

Name a generous person – this isn’t what’s in the bank account but may be the time they give, empathy they share, how they listen to others.

Suzanne challenged us to consider:

  • Where is money more precious than God
  • This week give something away
  • Give a non material thing away – something of oneself

The world needs God

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