Sunday 29th April 2018

Leader: Darryl Lomas       Laughter in Church

At Tapton we start our Easter thoughts on Palm Sunday and carry on through the week with meditations and services all of which have a rather depressing theme as we build up our thoughts to the tragic events on Good Friday  however things change on Easter Sunday  when we are joyful  – He is Risen.    On other Sundays when we arrive in the building we are happy , we greet one another and we laugh together  but when the service begins a sombre mood develops and continues until the service is over and we meet again in the schoolroom over a cuppa and laugh.    In Eccclesiates 3 1-8  we are told  “There is a time for everything”     Tradition seems to say that the time of a church service is not the time for laughter –  why not???   Surely God and His son have a sense of humour – surely there were laughs with Christ and the people he met.  He talked about the blind leading the blind, into  a ditch,  he mentioned trying to get a camel through the eye of a needle   humour surely.   There are many many problems in this life  but laughter can help us to cope with them  –  try not to take everything seriously – try to inject humour into your life and those around you.  Not to laugh at people but to laugh with them.  You may be surprised what a difference this can make.

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