Sunday 15th April 2018

Leader : Keith Austin

Palm 42

When you read this psalm do you feel that the author is suffering from depression or mental illness?  He says “I am depressed”  1 in 4 people has mental illness at some time in their lives  no matter how old or young.  The author says “why am I so sad?” perhaps it was because they were inward looking and did not take notice of  the world around them – Jesus said “Do not worry about tomorrow”  we all have to prepare for what may happen tomorrow but we do not need to worry about it  – the business of our mind must be stilled.

The spiritual world is beyond the natural world  – Jesus died and left the natural world for the spiritual one and then returned to the natural one.

John 16  v 12 –

Jesus refers to the Spirit of Truth who comes to guide you.

How can we find a gap between the natural and spiritual worlds?  Elijah sat in silence and heard God speak – in silence we can hear His voice  we need silence to help us fill the gap.

Spirit comes from a word meaning wind or breath  relax in silence and let God’s breath help you.

There is a verse in a hymn

A man who looks at glass   on it may stay his eye    or through it pass and then the heaven espy.

Don’t let your eye stay on the glass  – try to look through it and you will be surprised.

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