Sunday 8th April 2018

Leader:  Suzanne Nockels

There are things in our daily lives which  we think are useless because they are misshapen, bad coloured,  i..e. bulbs which are strange shapes, dark colours,       eggs – nothing much to look at,   coal    black and hard,    chrysalis – ugly… but all these things change into something beautiful .  flowers,  chickens,    heat and flames, butterflies.  so it is with people..  how often we judge from outside appearance  or attitude.. but these things are often deceptive  – could be that someone is shy and withdrawn or just needing a smile of welcome – sad people can change into someone with joy in their heart.

So it was at Easter –  Luke 24  v 13 – the road to Emmaus  – two people walking from Jerusalem, full of woe, full of doubt, discussing he events  when Jesus joined them – they were so wrapped up in their troubles they did not recognize Him..   things were looking black, ugly, they were depressed  but He walked with them and eventually they knew who he was.

Let Him walk with us and whatever our mood He will listen and help us  and will eventually turn us into something beautiful for Him.

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