Easter Day Service

Led by Rev Suzanne Nockels

Reading: Mark 16: 1-8

Suzanne opened by saying “He is risen!” and the congregation responded with “He is risen indeed!”

We were introduced to the traditional egg rolling competition representing the rolling away of the stone which sealed the tomb of Jesus. After which Suzanne posed a few  questions:

“What obstacles do we have in our lives?”

“What obstacles do we have in Crosspool and Sheffield?”

“What obstacle do we see in the world?”

Using the last line from three famous novels, Suzanne reviewed the ending of Mark’s Easter story.  Early manuscripts have Mark’s gospel ending at verse 8 and the tone of the later verses suggest a different author.

Marks original gospel left the reader hanging – in fear or in failure?

Mark provides a picture of the disciples continually messing up and never really understanding who Jesus is.

In Mark those who do recognise Jesus for who he really is are sworn to secrecy.

Is the repercussions of Jesus being raised from the dead filling his followers with fear. Will he be angry, do they fear his wrath?

Without the women at the tomb we wouldn’t have the gospel.  This wasn’t the end but the beginning. Easter is the beginning – start by participating in a Jesus led life, leaving space for things to come.  God is not done yet!





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