Sunday 11th March 2018

Mothering Sunday

Today we were pleased to welcome Rev.Martin Spain the President of the Congregational Federation to lead our service.      He began by telling us the  original meaning of mothers day as the day when people were expected to return to their Mother Church (the church where they were christened) for a service.     As our contribution to Mothers Day we gave out bunches of daffodils.                                                                                                                     Jesus said “Worship the Lord your God and serve Him”

Reading Matthew  4  The Temptations of Jesus

Christ was temped three times  – he had been fasting in the wilderness for 40 days and was tired and hungry and possibly slightly disorientated – hence he was what looked like an easy target.       The first temptation was to prove he was the son of God and turn stones into bread  –  he must have felt very tempted by this  – but he remained strong and resisted.   Christians are still being tempted/tested today and must be strong and resist.     Then he was tempted to do something spectacular – to throw himself off a high tower – but Jesus knew he did not have to something so dangerous to achieve what he wanted from his life  – nor do we need to  show off and be better than others and do something dangerous  just to be noticed  – if we go about our daily lives doing what Jesus wants us to do   then we will be noticed.                                       When Jesus was tempted to go into partnership with the devil on the promise of being given all the kingdoms of the world  – he again resisted  –   he was already in partnership with God- he honoured the Lord and served Him.  A relationship with God is our covenant with Him  and this covenant must not  be broken.    If we are in a wilderness we need to find a way home without being tempted to take the wrong path  – remember that God loves you.  DO NOT BE TEMPTED


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