Wednesday 7th March 2018

Bible Study Leader: Delia Hope

We read various passages about women in the bible and discussed them. e.g. Acts 9  v32  Peter was called to the house of Dorcas (Tabitha)a disciple  who was always doing good but she had died  – Peter prayed and she opened her eyes and got up.          Acts 18 24-28   v26  & Romans 16 v3  Priscilla and Aquilla had church meetings in their home  and Paul said they had saved his life.                                 Luke 2 v 36  There was a prophet Anna who never left the temple and she spoke about the child Jesus and all who were looking for redemption of Jerusalem.        Samuel 25  v2 Abigail who was beautiful and intelligent was the wife of Nabal    who was very wealthy but surly      David wanted to kill him but Abigail intervened on his beahf and David listened to her.   Deborah  was an Israelite judge (Judges 4) with an interesting story.  Mary the mother of Jesus was also discussed.   These women all played a very important part.


We then went on to briefly discuss fasting.  Isaiah 58 True fasting.        Matthew 6  16-18  “WHEN you fast”  not if.  Fasting is not necessarily to be at Lent  it can be anytime.     Here’s a thought    instead of giving something up for  yourself    why not give something up that you actually want but still buy it and give it away to someone else?

A very interesting evening.


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