Wednesday 21st February 2018

Bible study led by John Silverton

Jeremiaah 32 & Deuteronomy 30 v 15

“today I set before you life & prosperity, death and disaster.   If you obey the commandments of your God …….you will live and increase  your God will bless you in the land to make your own.”

John explained to us the history of the lands in those days – it was interesting that often lands changed leadership merely by agreements between ruling bodies and not by battles.  The ordinary people in the land did not have any say in what happened – and this was likened to some of the events of the present day.

Jeremiah bought a field for seventeen silver shekels  and the deeds were signed and sealed and put in an earthen ware jar for safety, even though he knew he probably would never see it but God had promised that the land would eventually return to his people. v42 “people will buy fields and vineyards again”  At that time the people were starving , there were troops outside the walls and Jeremiah was in prison but he had faith and hope for the future.

In those days and today people do things their own way and God lets them to see how far they will stray from Him – but he knows what they are doing and eventually will step in and take charge.   However bad things seem in the world, or in our lives, if we obey God then he will help us to overcome.

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