Sunday 11th February 2018

Leaders : Rev.Bill and Mrs Betty Bentham

Betty told a story :  A village was due to have electricity for the first time and some of the villagers were overjoyed  but some  apprehensive.  When the switch on day came there were gasps   – the new lights were bright and showed up all the accumulated dirt in the cottages that could not be seen with candles or oil lamps – some villages immediately spent days cleaning their properties but others switched the lights of and went back to oil lamps  – ashamed that others had seen how dirty their homes were.

This is a tale of light v dark  – some folk like to live in the light but others prefer a darker place which does not show up their wrongdoings.

Do we switch the light on and switch the dark off in our lives?

Readings : Leviticus 4  1-4      Mark 1  40   Mark 2 1-12

FAITH – people with leprosy were outcasts – they rang a bell and shouted unclean and were shunned by everyone, including their families.    The man broke the law by coming near to Jesus – he did not however assume that Jesus would heal him  – he said “if you want to….”  Jesus did want to and he reached out and touched him and he was healed.  In the second reading four men brought their friend but could not get to Jesus so they lowered him through the roof – and Jesus told him to pick up his mat and go home.

The priests were annoyed because they believed that illness was a result of wrongdoing against God and only God could forgive.  But Jesus proved to them that sins can be forgiven.

Why did Mark put these two stories together ?  The man with leprosy had great faith that Jesus could heal him and the four men had faith that if they could get their friend to Jesus he would be healed.

If Jesus was here would we have such faith ?

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