Sunday 4th February 2018

Leader    Suzanne Nockels

Whistle  –  Police….. referee…..  blower

If you feel there is something wrong then speak up – blow the whistle – it is not good to keep quiet just to avoid trouble.    If you think there is something wrong in church life then either tell one of the deacons or speak to Suzanne.   Jesus did not keep quiet when there were wrong doings in the temple even though it made him very unpopular with the priests.

Reading  Matthew 18   15-19

Five points arise rfom this reading

Breaking up and making up in church

When a relationship breaks   remember the love

Sometimes things are mistakenly said – sort it out  – do not leave it – think about both sides

Keep lines of communication open at all times

V19 says  “where there are two or three gathered  there will I be”

Remember Jesus is with us all the time and hears our arguments and he wants us to put things right.

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