Advent Sunday Service

Arranged by organist John Silverton involving a number of church members.

Theme: ‘But who may abide the day of His coming?’


Malachi 3 vv 1-3,  Isaiah 64 vv 1-8,  Roman 13 vv 8-14, Mark 13 vv 24-37 & Luke 21 vv 25-27

Sermon led by Mr Darryl Lomas

As the church lit the first Advent candle there is a ray of hope in this season of hope.  Will we get the present we want for Christmas? Will family and friends take the hints or get something we dont want?

As we witness the build up to Christmas we are bombarded with adverts full of joy and goods but it wont be full of joy for all.  In Romans, God is the source of hope through his grace. Hope of what will come on earth – real hope.

Advent is latin for coming, the coming of our Lord and Saviour.  We will be tested and we hope for a good future for our families, but this is a time of waiting. The early church waited for the coming Messiah promised in Isaiah. Waiting can be a passive experience e.g. in a Doctors waiting room or at the train station. As Christians, as we await a second coming we must not be passive but prepare ourselves.

Some see the birth of Jesus Christ as a meek and mild event in a stable but his actions were radical so for the second coming we expect his arrival in judgement of  our actions or inactions. In Corinthians we read that we will get what we deserve.

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