Sunday 10th December 2017

We were delighted to welcome Rev. Janet Wootton from Bedford to lead our service today despite the snow and forecast of more to come.
Janet’s theme for the afternoon was darkness v light.
Janet told us of her visit to a remote part of India where she was asked to light a beacon on top of a mountain – when lit the flame spread up to the top of the pole to a beacon which could be seen for miles around – a light in the darkness showing christianity to all.
In Isaiah 60 we read “The light of the Lord will shine …..I The Lord will be your eternal light”.
John 9 tells the story of the man, blind from birth, whose sight Jesus restored on the Sabbath.
The man had been in darkness all his life but Jesus gave him light.
Some in the crowd blamed his blindness on sin.
When the man was healed he said it was The Prophet who had given him his sight
The Pharisees did not believe him. He was in the light they were in darkness.
His parents agreed he had been born blind but dare not go against the Pharisees so they said “ask him, he is an adult” they feared being thrown out of the temple.
Some are victims of prejudice and others are full of prejudice.
Some are in physical darkness, others emotional darkness – we are blind – but we will see.
Find Jesus He is the light of the world
Darkness is not stronger than light – if you come to Jesus you will find the light.
Reassure others – there will be darkness – but the light will overcome that darkness.

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