Sunday 8th October 2017

Leader : Pat Moseley
Following her talk at church previously and the meeting with Thomas this week Pat spoke today about her belief in Congregationalism – not from a theology point of view –  based on our leaflet regarding Congregational membership -.
Readings : Psalm 23 (from The Living Bible)
Jude 20 – 25
We believe in The Priesthood of all believers
Thomas had spoken of the church being his life and Pat felt the same about our church.
There are questions unanswered but that does not matter all we need is a deep faith.
What does it mean to be a member of a Congregational church ?
We are part of the most wonderful society – Christians who publicly declare that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Saviour. These words come from the bible they are not man-made for churches.
Our church is open to everyone – why then be a member ?     We commit publicly to being a member of the body of Christ – He founded it – He is our head.
Paul said – our bodies are made up of many parts,  each part has a place in life,  a part to play – not all can be teachers, theologians, prophets , or work miracles, but we are all given a talent to play our part in the workings of our church. All we need is love.
As members we are obliged to worship together regularly to renew our lives, to receive the Holy Spirit – to share the work of the church,   to take Communion.

Think about our tradition – think about your part in it.

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