Sunday 1st October 2017

Leader : Suzanne Nockels

Jesus knows our humanity – he brings us close to God.

We were asked to write down three words that we think describe us  these were then put in a box and pulled out at random and we had to guess who had written them –  it was very interesting to hear what people thought abut themselves.

John  1  19 = John was asked “Who are you?”

It is important that we know ourselves  but are we as God wants us to be ?

1 Peter 2  1-10

If we were asked to be on the TV programe “Who do you think you are ?” would we accept  ?   Most of us said No.

We will shortly be celebrating Martin Luthers’ act    Reformation  –  who are we as a church ?

what is congregtionalism ? –  what is meant by “The priesthood of all believers?”

Jesus is our High Priest  he brings people to God – but we too can bring people to God

we are all called to serve one another   no one is better than another  – we are given gifts that can be used to serve one another  –  it is not about authority  – it is up to all of us   do not leave it to someone else who you think is more capable   if God calls you to help someone he will give you the ability and the strength to do it.

After the service we were treated to some wonderful food to celebrate 50yrs marriage of Sue and Peter Klein.  Thank you both for this and we wish you well for the future.

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