Sunday 24th September 2017

Celebrate the harvest
Leader : Suzanne Nockels
We were shown pictures of various plants and guessed what they were and what fruit they produced : not easy to judge from appearance what they were if you did not know,   and it is the same with people you cannot judge from appearance and certainly do not know  what the person is capable of doing in life.
Jesus said “Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep”
You can tell a person by the harvest they produce – Paul gave us the fruits of the spirit ..
joy,  patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control
We then had “Gardener’s Question Time” Suzanne asked Keith various questions about gardening. This was very interesting – how he related gardening to the christian life – using his Gardeners  Encyclopaedia “Bible” to answer questions about plants etc., and his church bible to answer questions about life. Quite a lot depends on trial and error in a garden and in life..
The reading was Luke 13   5-9
The owner of the vineyard wanetd to cut down the fig tree which had not produced fruit but the gardener asked him to give it another year.     He tended the soil and gave it fertiliser and really looked after it to help it to recover and produce fruit again.
Some people are like the fig tree – we cannot always be productive – sometimes we need help to recover.     God is our gardener He knows when we are tired and need help to be ourselves again
If you have been,  or are,  stagnant and unproductive just ask God to help.

The church was decorated in the usual Tapton harvest style but this year we collected tins of food for the S6 food bank instead of bringing fresh produce to sell. We thank all those who decorated the church, who brought gifts or sent them. Making this a lovely harvest celebration.

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