Sunday 10th September 2017

Leader : Ray Briddon and his wife Beryl
“A Biblical Character -but who?”
Some boys in 1947 discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls – one of them was Ch.61 the Book of Isaiah.
Clue 1 Today Beryl read Isaiah 40 1-11 Words of hope
Clue 2 John 1 19-36
The character is John the Baptist.
He preached “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world”
When we enter anything we would like to win –  there is only one winner but there is a runner up – sometimes he is a pacemaker who is important in setting the pace for the winner.
John was the runner up – he paved the way for Jesus.
John spent a long time alone in the desert alone and this fulfilled Isaiah’s prophesy.
He baptized along the shores of the River Jordan and this sgtill goes on to this day.
Eventually Herod had John imprisioned and one day at a banquet Salome asked for John’s head and this was granted to her – this was the end of Johns life – but he had done the work God set him to do.
Jesus said “No one is greater than John”
John’s Preaching was threefold
1. Repentance – sorrow for sin
2. Baptism – when repented be baptised
3. The coming one – salvation
The Good News
In Jesus we have he power to fulfill all that John preached.
Ray played his guitar and sang a lovely song
“The Lamb of God”

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