Sunday worship – 3rd September 2017 Led by Rev Suzanne Nockels

We were invited to think about how we worship , how we listen to God and to really challenge ourselves about any false idols we may have?

We were offered several everyday objects to think about , such as a mobile phone, a football scarf , a clock (representing a busy life). If these things were idols what would their worshipers look like and how would their characters change  by worshiping these objects. One example was ‘face cream’ . We decided the worshipers may be beautiful, young and perfect looking and they would probably become very vain and conceited and ultimately very disillusioned.

False idols can not speak to us or hear us . We could be at risk of becoming  like our idols ?

We are surrounded by a media world selling a dream which is not reality but worshiped by many. People can become restless and unfulfilled. We need to find what Rev Suzanne referred to as a ‘Sabbath connection’. A time to find some peace to listen to Gods voice. Time to rest and be connected to God. Giving him chance to talk to us. We will never be alone in our troubles if we find this connection with our true God and not the false idols around us.

Simple , take time to rest, listen and hear Gods voice…

The service was followed by sharing the communion meal together.

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