Sunday worship – 27th August 2017

Led by Darryl Lomas

Readings: John 6 & Matthew 14:13-22

Feeding of the 5,000

Following the beheading of John the Baptist, Jesus wanted to get away from it all so went on a boat across the lake but the crowd followed him.

He may have wanted to recharge his batteries but Jesus showed compassion and started to heal them.  Not to certain groups but to everyone. Where does our compassion start and finish, do we create boundaries?

What did Jesus have that meant the crowd stayed. The disciples were concerned over the welfare of Jesus and of the crowd but Jesus said let them remain. was he conscious of the little time he had left?  Jesus told the disciples to feed the crowd, why? Darryl suggested this is relevant to us today. We shouldn’t just be concerned we need to do something, was Jesus preparing the disciples for things to come?

Why didn’t the people have food? Were they not expecting such a long day?  Was this about physical food or spiritual sustenance?  Was the miracle getting people to share what they had actually brought for themselves?  Following Jesus isn’t just a Sunday afternoon at church, when we sign up  its for all it brings, the good the bad and the indifferent. Our real duty is to pass on spiritual sustenance.

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