Sunday 13th August 2017

Leader: Rev Alan Hindmarch
Readings : 1 Kings v9 –
Matthew 14 v 22 –
Do you have little faith? Do you doubt ?
Many people have doubts – they feel they are not good enough ?
Barnes Wallace believed 100% that his calculations were correct and he could produce a bouncing bomb but many doubted him Рwhen the bomb was first tried it failed but he persevered and checked his calculations  and this time on test, the bomb bounced and then exploded as it should Рhis belief was justified.
Sometimes we read our bibles and try to understand about Jesus but sometimes putting our learning into practice isn’t easy and we lose faith in ourselves.
When Peter saw Jesus walking on the water he wanted to do the same and set off to meet Jesus but his courage failed and he started to sink – Jesus reached out his hand and saved him – he will save us when our courage fails or we lose faith in what we are trying to do.
True belief is faith in forward looking – churches may have to change but we must have faith and believe.

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