Sunday 23rd July 2017

Leader:Margaret Wells
We started the service by all getting a drink  (orange, blackcurrant or water) for someone else and welcoming them to Tapton.
Readings : Jeremiah 28 5
Matthew 7 40 –
“Whoever welcomes you welcomes me”
Margaret told us the story of a rich man driving his smart new car through a poor part of a city. A boy tried to stop him but he ignored him and drove on – at the next traffic lights he felt a bump on his car and this turned out to be a brick thrown by the boy – who admitted it but he said “take me to prison because I did it,  but only because my mother is very sick and I cannot get anyone to help her or take her to a doctor, and I didn’t know what else to do” – the man said “I am a doctor I will help you” He found the woman who was very ill and arranged for her to go to hospital – the boy then told the police he was ready to go to prison but the man said he was not going to press charges – he felt very guilty because he had ignored the boy in the first place – he kept the dent in his car as a constant reminder.  Not everyone can throw a brick to get attention.
Jesus said “Do unto others ….”
Even small things can make a difference – a smile, a friendly word,
Show care and compassion for others – hospitality was most important to Jesus -follow in his footsteps – we all need someone – try to be that someone who needs you. Are you the person who needs this or are you the person who can provide this??   Welcome is only one word but it means such a lot.
Prayer :
Pray for me
and I will pray for you
Think of me in all you do
and I will think of you
For the love of God is there for me
as much as it is for you

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