Sunday 27th November 2016

Advent Sunday
The service had been put together by John Silverton and Tom Lomas with various members of the congregation taking part.
The season of Advent when the church bids us to prepare to celebrate the coming of Christ, in the Child of Bethlehem and his second coming,
Readings :
Isaiah 35
Romans 13 8-14
Matthew 24 47-44
The first candle was lit on the advent wreath.
Tom spoke to us of his memories of taking the annual scripture exam and of winning a book token, the book he chose was based on “those left behind” those who had been left when Christ had come again.
He also spoke of a painting in Rome by Michael Angelo depicting Christ with those who had been saved above him and those who had not, below. It was significant that when this was painted all the figures had been unclothed meaning that Christ had not differentiated between the rich and the poor.
We do not know when Christ will come again – we must stay vigilant/awake – we must start/continue our journey to get to know Christ so we are ready and will know Him when He comes again.
God is calling each and every one of us – answer Him.

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