Bible Discussion Wednesday 23rd November 2016

Leader : Edwin Ashforth
Two more parables
Matthew 25
The Ten Virgins
These ten .ladies went out to meet a bridegroom and lit their lamps to light his way (as was their custom) but he was delayed … when he did arrive 5 had used up the oil in their lamps but the 5 wise ones had taken further supplies and were able to light his way and go into the wedding banquet. Those who had to go and buy buy new oil did not arrive in time and were left outside.
This sends a clear message to all of us – Be prepared for the coming of the Lord – we do not know when this will be but he has promised he WILL come again – and we must be ready.
We cannot leave it to others it is up to each one individually.
When He comes again will he be accepted ???
Will we be ready to stand by Him when others reject Him??
The second parable is
Matt 24 14 – 30
The bags of gold
A man going on a journey entrusts three of his servants with gold and when he returns they come to him to return it. Two have gained interst on the money but the third buried it and returned what he had been given – we are all given different talents and must use them for God’s work and so increase it for Him. We cannot hide our talents otherwise they will not grow. We have to work on our faith and make it grow. Have you made the best use of the talents you have been given ???

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