Sunday worship 30th October 2016

Led by David Carter bringing the greetings from Hillsborough Baptist Church

Reading Matthew 12: 14-21

Theme Bruised but not broken

In verse 12 the Pharisees are meeting to plot the destruction of Jesus because he opposed what they were doing to the community.

They could not bring any legitimate charges against him, however he was crucified.

Do we recognise Jesus was compassionate and tender?

In verse 20 we read of a bruised reed.

God will not allow us to be broken but we may expect to be bruised living in the real world – an anti Christian world.

We may be strong or weak in character but things change and the strong may become weak and the weak stronger. God is with all of us.

Two strong characters in the Bible who fell from grace: Peter who came to deny Christ and David who in Psalm 32 acknowledges his sin.

There is much beyond our control and if we rely just on ourselves we will fail. Remain watchful and careful for each other and live close to God.

Allow God to build us up and strengthen us. We all sin but God is merciful.

Jesus as the strong and mighty lion of Judah was contrasted to the lamb of God empathising with us.

God forgives sin and is not judgemental.

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