Wednesday26th October 2016

Bible study
Leader: Edwin Ashcroft
Once again a very interesting evening
Edwin talked abut 3 parables the first two saying the same thing but in different ways
Luke 15 v 1 The Lost Sheep and v 6 The lost coin.
Jesus painted mental pictures for his disciples and us. We must understand how they related to events at the time and how we can relate them to now.
The shepherd left his flock safely and went in search of the lost sheep –
when he found it he carried it back to the rest of the flock. When the coin was lost a search was made and it was found.
Both times there was rejoicing that what was lost had been found.
X ref psalm 23
The third parable was
Matt 29 v 1 The workers in the vineyard. The ones employed first were happy to work for a denarius but when the owner employed others who had been in the market square all day but not working and he paid them all the same they were angry.
Peter had been chosen first and he felt he had more rights than the others who were chosen later but Jesus made it plain that all have the same rights to Him He said “The first shall
be last and the last shall be first”
In His sight we are all equal no matter how long we have followed him. When the lost sheep is found and brought back then that is just as important.

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