Sunday 16th Oct.2016

A joyful heart is good medication
Leader : Suzanne Nockels
Todays service was based around health/hospices/chaplaincy.
We welcomed Liz Maitland Chaplain of a hospice in Bradford who we sponsor.
She explained her role and was asked questions about her faith in her work, on behalf of us al,l by Suzanne.
The reading was Luke 13 v 10
“Jesus heals a crippled woman on the Sabbath”
It is hard sometimes to lift ones eyes from the ground, especially during illness, guilt or shame.
Adam & Eve were free and unashamed until they met the serpent and then when they heard God coming they hid because they were naked and ashamed “Who told you that?” God asked.
Jesus saw the woman and set her free of her crippling burden – he will set us free. Walk tall, stand straight and look the whole world in the eye
Jesus does not lower his eyes – he sees us wherever we are looking and he helps us to look upwards.

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